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  • Perfect Money
    Perfect Money

    What is Perfect Money and how does it work?

    Perfect Money Payment System Review

    Official website:

    Perfect Money is a financial service that permits users to do instant payments and to form money transfers firmly throughout the internet. It opens great opportunities to internet users and owners of the internet businesses.

    All the users of Perfect Money may simply convert their funds into alternative electronic currencies in the shortest terms and at cheap rates. The established approach of cooperation with banks permits Perfect Money to receive and to send wire transfers worldwide.

    Perfect Money was created in 2007. Officially, the payment system is under Perfect Money Finance Corporation. Registered in Panama / Central America.

    Deposit Options

    - Bank Wire (Minimum deposit amount is 300 USD);

    - e-Voucher;

    - Certified Partners (E-currency Payment systems, E-currency Exchange platforms…). Customer can add funds using payment systems, like, for example, Western Union, MoneyGram, ePay;

    - Bitcoin;

    - Credit Exchange.

    Withdrawal Options

    - Bank wire;

    - e-Voucher (Note: e-Vouchers never expire);

    - E-currency;

    - Certified Exchange Partners;

    - Bitcoin;

    - Credit Exchange.


    Numerous reviews claim that Perfect Money has strong security system, at the same time it keeps simplicity and convenience of the system’s use. As a result it brings the risks of Perfect Money users to all-time low mark. Even more, each user of this system has right to set up security settings individually.

    The security system allows its customer to choose from the offered security tools individually, depending on customer personal security strategy, tactics.

    Multi-level security system includes account protection, defending tools like:

    1) Identity check. This tool is integrated with identification aim of Perfect Money account holder. How does it work? Technically “Identity check” security tool compares ‘login data’, like, IP, device, browser etc.

    In case if client authentication is performed from new IP addresses, which aren't associated with the owner's account, security system blocks the doorway to account and sends an extra safety code to the email (fixed throughout account registration). Change of IP is formed individually through the Support Center.

    2) SMS Authentication. After login attempts the PM security system sends message with the verification code to the account keeper's mobile phone number. It is one of the most reliable methods how to make sure about the account holder identity.

    3) Code Card Protection. Another good security system’s tool. Client gets a card with graphic image with codes (sent through the email). For approval of the transaction, security system automatically sends to the customer an inquiry on random order delivery of definite code from the Code Card. Code Card is a convenient and trustful protection method for confirmation of transactions. It is a well-known security method in the global financial payment sector.

    Account & e-Wallet

    Perfect Money offers its clients 2 kinds of accounts:

    - Personal;

    - Business.

    The account includes 3 different currencies:

    - USD;

    - EUR;

    - Gold.

    Perfect Money has 3 statuses:

    - Normal;

    - Premium;

    - Partner accounts.

    Account ID. Account ID is a combination of numbers, which starts from U (dollar account), E (euro account) or G (gold account).


    - Convenient and professionally made reports simplify work in Perfect Money account. Different kind of information, charts about your orders, financial operations, account status and many more will be available in personal account;

    - System of automatic repeated payment set up. This tool is supposed to rearrange monthly expenses of your enterprise; it permits payments to be performed in automatic mode;

    - Good API merchant. Basing our opinion on the standards of practicality, reliability and safety, we don't expect any analogue of Perfect Money to seem within the next few years;

    - Multi-language system makes usage of the system very convenient. The website is available in 23 different languages;

    - Well developed - Affiliate program.


    - Perfect Money has not his own plastic Credit Card (which would be a minus if we search Payment system especially for cash withdrawal, output at ATM).

    Fees & Commissions

    Perfect Money Payment System’s current fees:


    In the Perfect Money partner list, you will find a many different E-currency payment systems, E-currency exchange platforms. Through the Perfect Money partners you will be able to buy, sell, or exchange different kind of digital currencies. Here you can find Perfect Money partner list:

    Support Center

    24 / 7 Responsive & Secure ticket System. The Secure „Ticket System” is developed to ensure private communication between Perfect Money customers and Support Center.


    How to buy Perfect Money?

    You can buy, sell or exchange Perfect Money on (online e-currency exchanger).

    ONYXCHANGE is one of the Perfect Money company’s partners. As the proof of that you can use Perfect Money Partner list:

    Moreover ONYXCHANGE has the highest Perfect Money Trust score between Digital currency & Cryptocurrency exchangers at world leading e-currency monitoring site –

    Through you can buy, sell or exchange Perfect Money with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bank Transfer, Tether and many more coming.

    How does it work?

    Simply select on the left side/window what currency you want to sell and on the right side what currency you want to purchase and fill the necessary information. It is fast and simple. Most of the currencies you will be able to exchange instantly.

    Note: If the particular reserves are over. You can always choose the option „Extend Reserve” or „Buy/Sell More”. Simply click on the bottom – „Extend Reserve” and order the currency and the amount you need.

  • Web Money

    Web Money


    WebMoney pace of growth - attractive factor

    To this day, the system is actively developing.

    The main positive factor of the electronic service is an instant commit the transaction, its user receives the following features:

    • Get WebMoney money without leaving home.
    • The recipient and the payer may be at any distance, even in different countries, but this does not affect the speed of monetary transactions.
    • WebMoney can be used to pay for various services, purchase goods in online stores.
    • They are protected from attempts to scam operating under the scheme when they withdraw to pay for the goods received.

    This is not the whole list of advantages of WebMoney, which attract and promote the growth of the number of potential users.


    Registration on WebMoney services

    This will be the first step, then perform the following steps:

    • After the installation, the user is deemed to be registered and can start to work.
    • Such operations can be made after the registration of the service money
    • If he does not accept, the registration will be considered incomplete.
    • Enter your mobile phone number, it will be sent an SMS with a confirmation of the transaction.
    • This will ensure the safety of WebMoney purse contents.
    • At this point will be the generation of a digital signature service.
    • Next, it is necessary to wait a few minutes until the end in the generation process.
    • Remember it is practically impossible, it is better to write down on a separate file, paper or alternative storage media, where all the important data about the system WebMoney will focus.
    • Only from that moment it begins to fully use the service.


    Purses WebMoney: Classic and Light

    The most common is considered Classic purse.

    If you are a citizen of a foreign country and is in another currency, it can create an additional wallet, for example, WMU - equivalent of the Ukrainian currency hryvnia.


    Deposit purses and currency exchange on WebMoney

    This will guarantee the success of all transactions and reliable content storage and recovery of lost or forgotten login password.

    To make cash, you can use your bank card, transfer by mail or through the terminals.

    For more security, after sending the money the recipient will be able to see them in my purse WebMoney only after entering the protection code.

    To use them, they should convert them into rubles, then rubles cashed one of the existing methods.


    How to make WebMoney card?

    To become the owner of WebMoney card, you must meet the conditions:

    • Pass certification (passport not lower formal).
    • Send color scanned copies of passport pages required for review, after which the user gets a higher status.
    • Fill out the request form on the card issuance, transfer the money to the invoicing of the service.


    How to attach a bank card to WebMoney?

    This method makes it possible to avoid:

    • Limitations in the methods of recharge cards account.
    • If you need to convert the dollars they need to first convert into rubles.
    • Pay through the card in rubles.
    • No need to bring a few extra cards that will save money to pay for the acquisition and maintenance of the new cards.

    Next, follow these steps:

    • Becoming the owner formal certificate (or higher).
    • Send scanned copies of passport pages.
    • Statement on the card binding.
    • Getting a check payment.
    • Enter the value of the payment.

    This method greatly expands the possibilities of use of the payment service Vebmani.


    Distinctive features of the service Webmoney

    After all, the higher the status, the higher limits for transactions and higher security level.