Terms of use

  • All users should pay attention to the important point when using this site that their browser address must be https://onyxchange.com. As a result, check the address of our site at any time to stay away from some malware and security issues.

  • Due to the fact that in this part of the site services, all transactions are done automatically and instantly, but the time related to the configuration of cryptocurrencies due to network speed, is not in our hands, and as a result, these cases are the duration of the transaction. It is added. In some rare cases, the probability of its occurrence is very low, such as possible disruptions in several layers of the server, which is a complex issue about transactions in cryptocurrencies, which is not in the hands of the site, and in the event of such errors. During and after the transaction, the user will send us an email with the details of the transaction and review it by the site support team, if all the details of the rejected transaction are correct, it will be corrected and completed within 24 hours.

  • The user should pay attention to the important point that the deposit must be made within the desired time period of the site (15 minutes), considering that the process of returning the deposit amount to the user, especially in the case of cryptocurrencies, is very complicated and time consuming. If the user makes a deposit after the transaction time, it will not be processed by the system and all its responsibilities are the responsibility of the user.

  • Users should pay attention to the important point that in connection with depositing money in Rials (shetab) to our account, they should deposit exactly the amount written on the site and the transaction page. If they deposit the wrong amounts, they have up to 24 hours. The ticket informed the site support team to be guided and their transactions to be processed. As a result, incomplete and incorrect Rial transactions will be lost after 24 hours and the deposit amount will be returned to the user's account.

  • In relation to digital cryptocurrencies, the user should pay attention to the important point that the deposit amount to the site is exactly the figure and the amount requested on the transaction page. If the user deposits more or less, the transaction is not accepted and is rejected by the system. In these cases, the user must notify the site with a ticket so that the user's deposit amount can be returned to the source address after deducting the network transfer fee.

  • Onyxchange.com website also provides messaging services for Iranian users. Your attention to advertising messages will be disabled in some other cases, users who intend to use SMS services, if you have this option, their mobile number advertising message options will be active.

  • You can follow your orders in two ways. You can also send us a ticket and the second way you can inform us via email [email protected]. The services of this site are such that users who They are not logged in to the site, they can use the site ticket to communicate. Just be careful that in order to track orders, you must keep the order and tracking number that was emailed to you and send it to us.

  • All users must be careful in maintaining and securing their account and password and in no way should they share them with others. As a result, all the consequences of this will be the responsibility of the user.

  • All users should have a minimum of information about digital currencies such as Web Money and Perfect Money and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc., as well as how they work and wallet, etc. As a result, how to enter The correct account number and wallet address are all the responsibility of the user, and after the transaction in this category of currencies, according to their design system, it is no longer possible to return and track. Users can in transactions Related to the cryptocurrencies, after performing a successful transaction on the same page and in the link search (hash) section of the transaction to access the details of their transaction. The configuration time in the cryptocurrencies will vary depending on the network speed, etc., and this category is not available to the site. After the successful completion of the transaction, the place and time and how to use it, the digital currency and cryptocurrencies are the responsibility of the user and the site has no responsibility in this regard.

  • In the field of Perfect Money voucher, since it is sent automatically from Perfect Money site and it is always correct, before using it, you can check its balance on Perfect Money site in the following link. To do this, you must have a Perfect Money account and log in to your account.
    Voucher inventory check link:
    If the user has used the voucher on a site and the site after using the voucher inventory, due to technical defects or other cases announced that the voucher is not available, the user is responsible for following up. For this purpose, you can re-link from the link As mentioned above, check the voucher balance. If the voucher is still in stock, you can use the voucher again by following the correct steps on your desired site. If the voucher is not available, it indicates that the site in question has used your voucher and must provide the desired services to you.
    In case of problems in the voucher, you can send it to Perfect Money Ticket support. By announcing the voucher number and the code and batch number that will be sent to you in the purchase order, Perfect Money sponsor will inform you to which account the voucher has been deposited. Sending a ticket to Perfect Money support must be in English.
    Link to send a ticket to Perfect Money support: https://perfectmoney.com/contact_ticket.html

  • Note that the only way to contact us is through the site https://onyxchange.com. Meanwhile, our channel in Telegram is at the https://t.me/onyxchange address and this channel is only for information and news.