Perfect Money Review and Tutorial

 Perfect Money Review and Tutorial

Perfect Money is an online financial system that provides e-money and e-wallets.

Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing the users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses.

Using Perfect Money, you can make your foreign currency payments on various websites that accept this e-money.

How to create a Perfect Money Account

To create a Perfect Money account, Use the following link.


how to create perfect money account

It is very easy and fast to create an account in Perfect Money, and upon completion of your personal information mentioned in the above link, you will have a Perfect Money account. If you want to create an account quickly and transfer money, Perfect Money is the right choice. having created your account, a number will be emailed to you, by which you can enter the Perfect Money.

After logging in to your Perfect Money account, you will be shown the following four wallet numbers:

G12345678 Gold  Account (PM units, the equivalent of the gold precious metal, expressed in troy ounces)

U12345678 Dollar account (PM units, the equivalent of the United States dollar)

E12345678 Euro Account (PM units, the equivalent of the Euro)

B12345678 Bitcoin Account (PM units, the equivalent of Bitcoin)

During withdrawal or deposit operations all the funds in the accounts listed above are equal to the current rate of US dollar, euro, troy ounce and BTC.

To receive each of these currencies, provide the sender with the desired wallet number.

If perfect money is deposited to your account, you should click on the desired wallet.  Then check your account balance and click on the received transaction. If you have received a transaction with protection code, enter the code that you have received from the sender. the deposited amount will not be added to your account balance until you enter this code.

Perfect Money Account Verification

First go to your  Perfect Money account and select the “Setting” option from the menu at the top of the page. Then select the “account verification”. To verify your account, you need to upload a scanned copy of your ID (passport or driving license).  For convenience, you can take a photo of your document with your mobile phone and send it to Perfect Money. If you take the photo with a mobile phone, you should edit it using Paint software, then save it with a jpg format, and send it to perfect money.

Perfect Money Account Verification

Make sure that the information in your perfect money profile is correct. You will be informed by email, after this scan is confirmed.

Perfect Money Account Verification

After confirming the passport scan, you need to scan a copy of the utility bill containing your name and address. Make sure that you write the exact address of the bill in your Perfect Money account. Before sending the bill scan, use the Paint software to draw a red line under the address field. The bill must also be new and not more than three months old. More importantly, the bill must be in your name. you can also use a mobile bill. Finally, A code will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. To verify your mobile, you must enter this code on the site. It is very important to pass all three steps of the verification process. Each step becomes available only after the successful verification of the previous one.

To verify your phone number, go to “Settings” and click ” Add Phone Number”( see below).

Enter the mobile number along with the country code.

Perfect Money Account Add Phone

A code will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. Enter it in the specified field to verify your account.

How to convert Perfect Money to Voucher

To convert Perfect Money to e-Voucher, you should first log in to your Perfect Money account.

After Logging in to your account, click on “withdraw” as shown below:

Perfect Money Voucher

Then, select e-Voucher in the new window.

Perfect Money Voucher

Next, click “Purchase a new e-Voucher”.

Perfect Money Voucher Depository

In this step, first select the type of currency, which can be Dollar or Euro(1). Then , specify the amount of Perfect Money you want to convert(2). Finally, click “Preview Purchase”(3).

Here you will be shown the wallet number,the chosen currency unit, the number of requested Vouchers, the exchange fee, and the deducted amount of Perfect Money. If you confirm all of them, click “Purchase e-Voucher”.

In the last step, You will be given an e-Voucher and activation code.

How to activate Perfect Money E-voucher

To activate your Perfect Money Voucher and add the Voucher balance to your wallet, first log in to your perfect Money account.

Then click “Deposit” as shown below.

Click on the e-Voucher option in the new window (see below picture).

Deposit Perfect Money

On the new page (as shown below), enter the e-Voucher and activation code and click ” Activate”. After this step, the balance of charge card will be added to your wallet.

You Can Exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin or Exchange Bitcoin to Perfect Money

If you want to exchange PerfectMoney or PerfectMoney E-voucher to Bitcoin or vice versa: Exchange Perfect Money To Bitcoin We provides you the fastest and most secure exchange service as well as the best rate.